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Your company wants healthy, stress-free employees. How do you make this happen? Let them come to work by bike thanks to ALD companybike.

Today, approximately 13% of Belgian employees come to work by bike. A percentage that will increase in the near future. And this may well be as a result of your efforts.

How it works: the bike (possibly with a car)

If you, for example, choose the financial leasing of a bike. Handy, because over the course of the leasing contract, your company will also become owner of the bike. Do you just provide your employees with the pedal-powered transport? Or do you see the bike as a supplement to the leasing of a car? It’s all possible with ALD companybike!

You choose from a range of two-wheelers. From a classic model or a folding bike to a mountain bike. Even electric bikes and speed pedelecs are a part of our range! You are always sure of complete quality. 

It’s good to know that when you lease a bike, you’ll get breakdown assistance with it as standard. Would you also like to include maintenance and insurance in your contract? Just choose them as optional extras!

The benefits for you: a cheaper mobility plan

Cycling employees bring you a heap of benefits. Just think of the money you’ll save:

  • You’ll pay less for transport costs.
  • You’ll have fewer latecomers, as a result of skipping traffic.
  • Your financial leasing is at least 100 % tax-deductible (if the bike is used for travel between home and work).

You’ll also have healthier employees which will make absenteeism plummet. And you’ll be doing the best for environment!

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