ALD poolbike

Loaded with fiscal benefits, great for the environment and the health of your employees, it does wonders for mobility and your company image. Cycling is much more than a trend!

Thanks to ALD Poolbike, your employees can now go by bike on all their professional excursions. Get your employees exercising by fitting your company offices with six high-quality bicycles:

  • 6 top-quality men’s or women’s bikes, fitted with saddlebags.
  • A stylish and attractive bike stand.
  • Full personalisation with your company logo.
  • Insurance and assistance services as well as maintenance of the bikes.

The benefits for you

  • A reduction in costs: You drop the total budget for the movement of your personnel (fiscal impact and fuel costs).
  • The well-being of your employees: By encouraging cycling, you encourage your employees to exercise every day.
  • Fiscally attractive: Your costs are 100% tax deductible as long as the bikes are used for professional purposes.
  • Protection of the environment: You contribute to the battle against global warming.


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