Summer and winter tyres

To hit the road in complete security, you need tyres that are in perfect condition. Make sure you keep an eye on tyre pressure and tread wear levels.

And don’t hesitate to drop by a recognised tyre center in your neighbourhood. Because tyre changes and repairs are standard inclusions in your contract.

Good to know

The minimum tread depth for summer tyres is 2 mm, and 3 mm for winter tyres. Do you have less than that? It’s time to have your tyres replaced. You can also find the prescribed tyre pressure in your vehicle manual. Do you have any doubts? Ask for advice at the tyre centre. Because too little pressure will increase the fuel consumption and the wear on your tyres. And if there’s too much pressure, it will reduce your driving comfort and your grip on the road.

Drive safely trough the winter

Your vehicle is fitted with summer tyres as a standard. Does your contract include winter tyres? Then consider yourself lucky. Because they guarantee:

  • shorter braking distance in winter conditions;
  • safer turning;
  • better grip on slippery roads;
  • better driving on snow-covered surfaces.

Winter tyres are beneficial as soon as the temperature drops below 7°C. You can have them fitted as from 1st October. We advise being there earlier rather than later. This will help you avoid the long queues when winter really sets in. Switch back to summer tyres before 30th April.

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