ALD flexpertise

Your lease contract is coming to an end. If you’re not looking forward to the end-of-contract inspection, we have a flexible solution to make sure you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

ALD flexpertise is a free service where an expert checks your vehicle near the conclusion of the contract. Not on the day you return it, but six to eight weeks beforehand.

Avoid stress

How does ALD flexpertise work? Six to eight weeks before your contract is coming to an end, an expert will examine the vehicle. ALD Automotive specialists will analyse the appraisal report in detail. Afterwards, they will offer the driver and fleet manager concrete solutions for any shortcomings. You can use this information to anticipate problems such as missing documents or keys, tyres that are due to be changed, or damage that needs to be repaired. If there are problems, you’ll be able to reduce the costs on the final invoice.

What are the benefits?

ALD flexpertise offers fleet managers and drivers a maximum of comfort and clarity:

  • You limit the possible costs of the final invoice: thanks to the anticipatory inspection, you have time to react and perform repairs if needed.
  • Transparency and comfort: there are no unexpected or hidden costs. You are given a clear explanation and concrete solutions.
  • Efficiency: The final return of your vehicle runs more smoothly and quickly. Drivers simply drop off the vehicles they are returning at the same place where they take possession of the new vehicles.

How does it work?

Good news! You can already choose ALD flexpertise for your current vehicle. The service is available for all Full Service Lease clients (insurance and accident management included) who renew their lease contracts with ALD Automotive. How does this work?

  • We contact the driver, providing all practical information about the conclusion of the contract. This allows the driver to provide their preferences for the inspection.

  • Our expert calls the driver to set an appointment where the vehicles are inspected.

  • When an examination is completed, the fleet manager and the driver receive a report, a cost estimation and advice for reducing possible costs.

  • Finally, you can return your vehicle without anything to worry about: the inspection is validated and the contract is officially concluded.

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