ALD Carmarket
The world leading platform in used car sales for professional traders, dealers and resellers. ALD Carmarket is the fastest and most effective way to buy cars professionally.

Founded over 10 years ago and covering more than 35 countries, ALD Carmarket has grown to become the leading used car sales platform with the widest geographic coverage. We provide automotive professionals ex lease cars from our own fleet.

From manufacturer maintenance to detailed appraisal reports, ALD Carmarket has provided peace of mind and facilitated the business process for tens of thousands of automotive professionals. With thousands of used cars posted online every day, automotive professionals can buy in their own country as well as expand their business abroad.

On ALD Carmarket, a car is sold every two minutes and one million cars have already been sold! Do not miss your opportunity and sign up to ALD Carmarket today!

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How does it work?

1. Sign up
1. Sign up
Register yourself and upload all the requested documents on
2. Log in
2. Log in
Once your registration is validated, you will receive an email for you to choose your password and log in to your account.
3. Buy your car
3. Buy your car
Log in to your account and purchase cars 3 different ways - auction, tender and instant purchase.
4. Expand your sourcing
4. Expand your sourcing
Develop your sourcing strategies by signing up to other countries and buy used cars from there!

We offer two types of sale:

Tender: Bid manually or automatically online by setting up a bid limit – the best bid purchases the vehicle. 

Fixed price: Click on a vehicle and purchase it instantly.

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ALD Carmarket is ALD Automotive's internaltional used car reselling platform. We offer all our vehicles with a complete maintenance history and a detailed damage report.

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Increase your purchasing coverage

Smart trading across countries

We are your professional partner, facilitating and helping you succeed in your car purchases. Whether you seek to buy used cars in your own country or worldwide, we provide you with professional services to maximize your purchasing power.


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Buy used cars in more than 35 countries


Why choose ALD Carmarket?

Easily access a board selection of formerly leased cars through our used car sales platform which is available 24/7.

  • Large choice of recent used vehicles, multi-brands/models.

  • Direct bids across multiple countries.

  • No intermediary.

  • The maintenance of used vehicles has been carried out within the network of official distributors and according to the intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Each vehicle has been checked by our experts.

  • You will receive a complete vehicle history.

  • New arrival of 50 to 60 vehicles every week.

  • Immediate availability of the vehicles

  • Good visibility of the vehicles (photos, accessories, etc.)

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Who can buy on ALD Carmarket?

If you are an exporter, importer, wholesaler, distributer, cars sales rep, trader or car dealer, sign up here at ALD Carmarket and start bidding. Looking for a used car for your personal use? Sign up here at ALD Carmarket and find your dream car.

What car brands are available?

ALD Carmarket provides a large selection of car brands which includes Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Peugeot, Renault, Citroën, Ford, Jaguar, Tesla, Nissan, Hyundai, Mini, …

How do I buy a car at ALD Carmarket?

As a professional dealer you can buy used cars by auction, by tender or by paying a fixed price. To start developing your buying opportunities, register here.





Do you have any questions related to buying used cars?

Please call our team at +0032 2 726 32 70 or contact us via the button below.


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