ALD Move. The all-in-one, all for you mobility solution.

Growing awareness of climate challenges, energy transition, new lifestyles and ways of working… mobility has become a major challenge for companies and their managers.

Now is a great time to make the switch from Car Policy to Mobility Policy. From managing car mobility to the management of all forms of mobility.

To help you meet this challenge, ALD Automotive offers you an all-in-one, all for you mobility solution. It uses management tools and an employee interface, including daily support and advice.

Ready to Move? This is how you can revolutionise managing your company’s mobility.


ALD Move for employers:

  • A centralised administrative management platform, to define and control employee mobility budgets and expenses.

  • A solution they can offer to ALL employees, as part of an attractive salary package.

  • A dedicated team to support them in implementing their new mobility policy.


smartphone card mac
ALD Move app Mobility card Dashboard





ALD Move for employees:

  • A payment card to access all mobility services, everywhere in Belgium.

  • A mobile app to help them to plan their multimodal journey.

  • An interface enabling them to plan their routes with great flexibility, based on personal preferences and current circumstances.




ALD Move, how does it work? 

  1. The employer transfers the money to a Corporate Wallet (to pay for the journeys).

  2. The employee pays for his/her journeys via the app or the ALD Move card.

  3. The employees' Mobility expenses are directly debited from the Wallet.

  4. You receive a monthly invoice including the licence and activation fees plus app purchases.

  5. You receive a detailed report on expenses and card use.

In short, ALD Move is:

  • Everything needed to move towards a smarter mobility plan. And everything to do this the smart way.

  • Everything to be ready in 2026. To ensure your mobility policy runs smoothly.

  • Everything to make your salary package more flexible. And everything to motivate your employees.

  • Everything to monitor your mobility patterns and budget. And everything to ensure your peace of mind.


ALD Move, it's the all-in-one, all for you mobility solution