The cafeteria plan as a mobility solution for your employees

Discover the possibilities of the cafeteria plan at ALD Automotive!

A cafeteria plan makes it possible to offer flexible remuneration, by incorporating a range of pre-tax benefits. Mobility is one of the options on offer. Thanks to the cafeteria plan, all employees who do not have a company vehicle or a bike because of their role, can also enjoy the benefits offered by leasing.

What are the advantages of a cafeteria plan for employers?

  • Wage flexibility that benefits employees
  • A sustainable mobility solution: promoting electric vehicles and electric bikes – a CO2 emissions reduction for your company
  • Motivation of your employees: wage package flexibility
  • Attraction of new talent
  • Optimisation of wage costs
  • Taking care of your employees: cycling is beneficial for physical and mental health

What are the advantages of a cafeteria plan for employees?

  • Increase in the purchasing power of employees.
  • Employees select their non-statutory benefits according to their needs.
  • Access to a leased company vehicle or bike for all.

Leasing your car or bike through the cafeteria plan with ALD means:

√        Having financial security with a fixed monthly leasing payment

√        An all-in-one package: leasing-related services are included in the monthly payment (tires, servicing, repairs and insurance)

√        Choosing a vehicle that you would not have been able or willing to get privately (e.g. an electric or hybrid vehicle)

In practice:

Taking the example of a Volvo XC40 for duration of 60 months and 100.000 km:

For a leased electric bike: 

For a leased electric bike, you can expect an average monthly payment of €70.  ALD Bike
The included services for a leased bike are:

  • Servicing
  • Included comprehensive insurance
  • Included assistance
  • An additional one-year warranty on the battery included for electric bikes


 ALD Bike

Why should you choose ALD in your cafetaria plan?

√        For our expertise: ALD is one of the most experienced mobility leaders in the market - in Belgium and worldwide.  

√        For our passion: we are particularly passionate about mobility issues and we love using our knowledge to assist our customers.

√        For our ALD Bike product: we have been leasing bikes for over five years. Thanks to partnerships with three different suppliers, we are able to offer a wide variety of bikes and additional services.

√        For our customer experience: quality of service is paramount at ALD. We do our utmost to ensure that every customer experience is successful.