Your lease vehicle delivered in 15 days and at a great price

Get access to our best used vehicles, ready to be delivered within 15 days. Thanks to our rigorous selection process, you can choose from a wide range of cars. 100% reliable and tested by professionals.

Why should you lease used cars?

  • Delivery within 15 days of signing the contract.

  • A flexible contract: lease for 12 months or longer, a competitive price, including services adapted to your needs.

  • A large selection of vehicles: a wide range of used vehicles chosen and tested by our experts.

Discover our different segments and prices and make your choice

Our new matrix offers an overview of prices by vehicle segment, fuel type, mileage and contract duration, which guarantees flexibility and transparency.

Our selection process 

  • Selection: Our experts select vehicles according to strict criteria such as the lifespan of the car, mileage, and any damage and defects.

  • Inspection: We inspect each car in terms of maintenance, bodywork and interior.

  • Preparation: Every car undergoes a complete verification check and a thorough cleaning.

  • The car is yours: it will be delivered at Ayvens Carmarket or at your company. 

Do you have any questions?

Contact us at We’d be happy to help.