ALD switch

Switch your green primary vehicle with another car

Would you like to reduce fuel use and the taxes for your vehicle fleet? Make sure your drivers use environmentally-friendly cars as their main set of wheels. With the possibility of switching for the short-term with another vehicle. This is ALD switch: an ecological solution that combines sustainability and flexibility.

How it works: switching cars

ALD switch is the supplest leasing formula ever. Your driver chooses one vehicle for long-term leasing. This is the vehicle he drives most often. But what if he wants to use another vehicle in the meantime? No problem! For example, a multi-purpose vehicle for a family vacation, a delivery van for moving house or a convertible for a romantic getaway. Handy!

Our clients have their say

WIS Telecom employs about fifty people and has a dozen operational leasing vehicles from ALD Automotive in its fleet. Vincent De Keyzer, Manager for Provisioning & Support, has opted for an ALD Switch contract.

“Previously, I had a VW Passat that wasn’t really suited to my needs. I live in Brussels in a neighbourhood where parking places are few and far between. I could only actually make use of the space in the Passat when I was on vacation. Nowadays, I drive a Golf. It uses less fuel and is easier to park. However, when I went skiing in April and on summer vacation in July, I chose a multi-purpose vehicle. And ALD Automotive delivered it right to the office car park. And, because I’m going to be moving house soon, I’ll count on ALD switch again – this time for a delivery van.” 

The benefits for you: green with savings

A compact, environmentally-friendly primary vehicle is guaranteed to result in:

  • lower costs : The vehicle uses less fuel and is taxed less. Twice as good for your wallet.
  • lower emissions: The car is environmentally-friendlier because it releases less CO2 and fine particle emissions. Watch your ecological footprint shrink!

At the same time, your driver will benefit from unbelievable flexibility. Because if his primary vehicle doesn’t meet his needs? He can temporarily step into another one from our vehicle fleet!

Now also available abroad

From now on, you can also use the ‘ALD switch’ service abroad. On your destination, you can pick up a replacement car at the station or the airport. You can stay mobile abroad and save yourself a long drive. Thanks to the switch formula, going on a trip becomes a lot less stressful. This is made possible thanks to our strong collaboration with partners from the international market for short term car rental.

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