Theft, break-in or vandalism

What to do in case of theft, break-in or vandalism

Have thieves or vandals decided to have a spot of fun with your vehicle? We’ll come to the rescue in your time of need.

Are you the victim of theft or vandalism?

Follow these steps within 48 hours of the incident:

  • Report the incident to the police
  • Provide us with:
    • a copy of the police statement
    • a description of the circumstances
    • your e-mail address (for the processing of your file)

Send it all through to

Finished? Then you’ll get an answer from us: you’ll read which steps to take and the address of a recognised body shop centre in your neighbourhood.

Only broken glass

Is the damage limited to your windscreen and/or windows?
Contact us on +32 2 706 41 41 to make an appointment.

Only the theft of your key

Did someone take your car key? Make sure to report it to the police. The lock on your car will be replaced. But until then, keep an eye on your car! It might drive away without you!

Contact us
02 706 41 41