Why should you lease an electric vehicle?

The market is preparing to switch to 100% electric cars by 2026. Are you ready for more low-emission zones, changes to taxation and a green image?

Today, you can already find electric cars in most segments. And in the months and years to come, you can expect many new models with ever greater autonomy

Still not convinced? Allow us to list the main advantages:

  • fewer benefits in kind (BIK/ATN/VAA) for the employee;
  • lower energy costs; 
  • a handy overview of charging consumption via our My ALD web portal;
  • and last but not least: an incredible driving experience.

Smart charging and payment

An electric car needs a charging station at home and at the office. Together with our partners Eneco and Chargepoint, we analyse your charging options and provide a customised installation. The consumption of your charging station and smart charging cable is always registered. Your company receives the invoice and you, the driver, are reimbursed.

Are you, as an employer, already convinced, but your employees are still not sure? Our consultants will gladly provide an interactive session. Tell us how we can help you by emailing us at bic@aldautomotive.com



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