ALD electric

Is a car that runs on electricity out of your comfort zone? Time for that to change! Because you can be sure: electric vehicles are no longer the exceptions.

Jump on board and lease green, environmentally-friendly cars from our ALD electric-range.

How it works: decide how far you’ll go

At ALD Automotive, you choose from a wide range of green vehicles. You define how far you’ll go. Lease:

  • 100% electric vehicles
  • electric vehicles with range extenders
  • hybrid vehicles with plug-ins.

The benefits for you: comfortable and advantageous

A vehicle from the ALD electric-range guarantees you:

  • peace of mind: a green vehicle usually has a simple design: this results in fewer heavy defects.
  • driving comfort: no thermic engine means no engine sounds or vibrations. Good for delightfully relaxed driving.
  • savings: an electric vehicle requires less maintenance and therefore also has fewer maintenance costs. Your fuel use is nil, or significantly reduced (with the hybrid engines). Recharging the car costs approximately 2 euro, allowing you to drive an astonishing 150 to 500 kilometres, depending on the model.

Your ecological footprint will plummet with green cars. Because you’ll significantly reduce CO2 and fine particle emissions.


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