FAQ: How does ALD Bike work?

Who should I contact in case of questions about my contract?

ALD Customer Care on +32 2 706 41 41 or by email

Who should I contact in case of operational or practical questions?

Your bicycle dealer.

Licence number bike

Does my bike have a licence number?

Yes, if your bike is a ‘speed pedelec’.

For other types of bikes, you can find the bike’s reference number on the sticker on the bike’s frame. You will need this number if you contact our roadside assistance.

Services included in the contract

What does my ALD Bike contract include?

Your ALD Bike contract includes by default:

  • Assistance in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and 15 km beyond the borders of these countries.

It is also possible to add:

  • Insurance

  • Maintenance

Is a replacement bike included in my ALD Bike contract?

In case of breakdown or during repair or maintenance, a replacement bike is not included in the rental agreement. However, the majority of bike stores offer this service for a fee. Don't hesitate to contact your selected bike store.

Maintenance, tyres and repairs

What maintenance is included?

You receive a prepaid card or voucher that allows you to pay for regular maintenance as foreseen in the manufacturer's maintenance log, any mechanical repairs needed, as well as the replacement of worn tyres, up to the budget mentioned in the offer.

Check with your bike dealer for instructions on how to register and activate the extended warranty, if applicable.

What should I have with me when I take my bike for maintenance?

You only need to show the digital card or your voucher. The credit on the card is used to pay for the maintenance.

Can I choose my own store for maintenance and repairs?

You can have the bike serviced and repaired at the store where the bike was ordered.

How often should I take the bike for maintenance?

It is recommended to have the bike maintained once a year.

Can I change the location for the maintenance of my bike if I move house?

This is possible, as long as the new store is part of the same network and both stores agree.

The tyres on my bike are worn. What should I do?

If your offer includes a maintenance budget, and there is still a sufficient amount remaining, you can use this to replace the tyres.


Am I insured in the event of damage?

Yes, if your contract includes insurance.

If this is the case, the insurance intervenes in the event that the bike is damaged or when the bicycle has been stolen despite having been securely attached to a fixed structure using an ART-certified anti-theft device.

If the accident is due to serious misconduct, such as cycling while under the influence of alcohol, the insurance does not intervene. In this case, you must pay for the damage yourself.

As for legal protection, the coverage provided by Euromex covers certain expenses (e.g. lawyers' fees, experts, etc.) incurred in defending your rights in the event of a legal dispute related to the use of the bike (max. €40,000 per dispute).

Please note that this is only included for contracts concluded as from 01/01/2021.

Am I covered for all risks?

  • Damage to the bike (including fire) and theft are covered. A deductible is applicable and depends on the type of claim and the year in which the offer was made.

  • Civil liability is covered by your company's liability insurance or by personal insurance you may have.

  • Personal injury is not covered.

1. Was your offer made before 18/06/2018?
  • Deductible in the event of material damage: €50

  • Deductible in the event of theft: €0

In the event of theft or total loss, we terminate your contract.

2. Was your offer made between 19/06/2018 and 31/12/2020?
  • Deductible in the event of material damage: €25

  • Deductible in the event of theft: €0

In the event of theft or total loss, your bike is insured at replacement cost. After official approval from ALD Automotive, the contract continues, and you can choose a new bike for the same amount as the initial investment value.

3. Was your offer made after January 1, 2021?
  • Deductible in the event of material damage: €75

  • Deductible in the event of theft: €75

  • Standard legal protection cover: no deductible

In the event of theft or total loss, your bike is insured at replacement cost. After official approval from ALD Automotive, the contract continues, and you can choose a new bike for the same amount as the initial investment value.

Are my accessories insured?

Accessories attached to the bike are insured provided that they appear on the invoice for the purchase of the bike. For example, your pannier bags, bike trailer, child seat, bike GPS, or bike computer.

Your bicycle helmet is also considered an accessory, but your clothing is not.

However, the insurer does not intervene for damage or theft of accessories alone where there is no other damage to the insured bike.

Axus SA offers no guarantee in the event of poorly functioning or malfunctioning accessories.


What should I do in the event of vandalism, theft or attempted theft?

  • Within 24 hours of the incident, you must report it to the police and request that the plate number or the unique frame number of the bike be included in the report;

  • Within eight days of the incident at the latest, report it by email to damage@aldautomotive.com providing:

    - The completed declaration form


    - Send the declaration form together with the original police report by registered mail to Axus SA, Service Assurances, Avenue du Bourget 42, 1130 Brussels.

    - Enclose all the original keys for the ART-certified anti-theft device in the registered letter.

You must also make a declaration, even if only the keys to the lock have been stolen or lost.

In this case, have the lock and keys replaced as soon as possible to prevent the insured bike from being stolen.

What should I do in the event of material damage?

  • Report the damage using the declaration form within eight days of discovering the damage.

  • If a third party is responsible for the damage, provide their contact details immediately (i.e. first name, last name, address and telephone number)

  • A declaration form should always be accompanied by:

    - a photo of the entire bike;

    - a photo of the bike’s frame number (clearly legible);

    - at least one photo clearly showing the damage to the bike.

  • In all cases, you need to wait for the repairs to be approved.

  • The invoice for the repairs must be made out in the name of Axus NV (BE 0403 429 730).

How to declare damage?

Is your bike damaged?

  • Complete the declaration form and send it to us at damage@aldautomotive.com within 8 days of discovering the damage;

  • In the event of an accident with a third-party car or other motor vehicle, complete and sign the European accident report with the party involved. Send this report, together with the completed declaration form to damage@aldautomotive.com.

What happens in the event of a total loss or confirmed theft?

If your bike is insured through ALD Automotive/Axus and your offer was made before 18/06/2018, we will terminate your contract from the date of the accident. You will receive no more monthly invoices.

If you are insured with ALD Automotive/Axus and your offer was made after 18/06/2018 you can, after official agreement from ALD Automotive, choose a new bike for the same amount as the initial investment value. Your contract continues.


Is breakdown assistance included in the ALD Bike package?

Yes! You benefit from 24/7 assistance in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and 15 km beyond the borders of these countries if you are immobilised at the side of the road following a breakdown, accident or puncture. You can also contact our support on +32 2 706 41 41 or customercare@aldautomotive.com provided you are more than 1 km from your home.

To ensure a swift and smooth intervention, communicate the contract number shown on the sticker of your bike.

Want more information about roadside assistance services? Read more about it here.

Can I get a replacement bike after an accident or breakdown on the road?

A replacement bike in the event of a breakdown, accident, or during repair or maintenance, is not included in the rental agreement. However, the majority of bike stores offer this service for a fee. Don't hesitate to contact your selected bike store.

Loss of licence plate or documents

I lost my licence plate or my documents (e.g. registration certificate or certificate of conformity). What should I do?

Within 24 hours, you must:

  • Declare the loss to the police;

  • Send a copy of the police report, along with a description of the circumstances, by email to customercare@aldautomotive.com.

Modification of the contract, return of the bike and end of the contract

Can I change the duration of my contract?

No, you cannot change the duration of your contract.

When does the contract end?

The contract ends as soon as the term is reached.

How do I return my bike at the end of my contract?

If you do not wish to exercise the purchase option, you simply return your bike to ALD Carmarket, Z4 Broekooi 280, 1730 Asse-Kobbegem. Returns are always made during office hours.

The procedure is simple:

- Step 1: Inform us of your desired return date by email to customercare@aldautomotive.com

- Step 2: We then email you the steps and instructions to follow.

What condition should my bike be in when I return it?

- The bike must be returned in good working order.

- It must be carefully cleaned. If the bike is not clean when it is returned, a cleaning fee will be charged.

- Parts may show signs of wear, but should not be excessively worn to the point of compromising function and safety.

What items need to be returned with my bike?

- All items that were present at the time of delivery.

- All equipment, accessories and options included in the contract must be in working order at the time of return, undamaged (except normal wear and tear) and as originally delivered on or with the bike. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mudguard

  • Bell

  • Detachable lights

  • Luggage rack

  • Child seat

  • GPS computer

  • Battery charger

  • Battery and (if applicable) second battery

  • Keys (per lock, two copies)

  • Unlocking code (for specific types of bikes)

  • Lock

  • Pedals

Missing or damaged items will be invoiced at a cost corresponding to their replacement or repair.

If in doubt, please contact us on +32 2 706 41 41.

- The following documents must be returned with the bike:

  • Maintenance log or maintenance history

  • Owner's manual

  • Guarantee card (if applicable)

  • Key code card (if applicable)

- For bikes subject to compulsory registration:

  • Original registration certificate, part 1

  • Original licence plate (on the vehicle)

  • Original certificate of conformity

  • In the event of loss or theft, please refer to the relevant section

What can I keep?

- Personal items attached to the bike by the user. These must be removed before the bike is returned and do not result in any compensation from the leasing company.

- Articles that, for hygiene reasons, are not usually transferable to a third party do not have to be returned. These include:

  • Shoes;

  • Clothing worn directly on the body such as lycra cycling, hats, gloves, socks;

  • Bicycle helmet;

  • Fluorescent vest.

- It is also recommended that you delete any information relating to routes and addresses from navigation devices.

What should I do if I lose documents or my licence plate before returning it?

If the registration certificate, certificate of conformity, or licence plate is lost shortly before the end of the rental agreement, and you did not have time to request a duplicate, you can submit the original police report. This means that the loss must have been reported to the police.

If documents are missing, you will be invoiced for the cost of replacing them.

What happens if damage is found on the bike?

After your bike has been examined, any end-of-contract damages will be repaired and charged to you.

Procedures in the event of repurchase of the bike

Can I buy the bike at the end of the contract?

Yes. The purchase value is mentioned in your offer. Up to one month before the contract expiration date, you can decide whether or not to accept this purchase option.

How do I exercise the purchase option at the end of my contract?

The amount of the purchase option is mentioned in the offer. At the end of the contract, you have the choice to exercise the option at the indicated price. If you exercise the option, an invoice will be issued in the name of the contracting party for the amount mentioned in the offer.

Can I keep the licence plate of a speed pedelec in case of purchase?

No. You need to apply to register the pedelec in your own name.

Can a family member or friend purchase my bike?

No. The purchase option is given to the contracting party. A third party (e.g. partner, family member, friends, etc.) therefore cannot exercise the purchase option.

How can I re-register my speed pedelec?

  • Upon request, we will provide you with the certificate of conformity and a manually completed licence plate request.

  • Your insurance broker then sends the completed licence plate request to the Vehicle Registration Department (DIV) with a copy of the certificate of conformity.

  • Do not hesitate to contact your insurance broker regarding coverage for your speed pedelec.

Can I use the remaining maintenance credit after I have purchased my bike?

Of course. However, it must be used in the store where the maintenance card was issued.