ALD matrix

ALD matrix guarantees flexibility and transparency

We know that as a fleet manager you want the lease contract that ticks the most boxes for the best price. That's why you're asking around with different companies for quotes. The amount you pay is always based on two parameters: the contract term and the number of kilometres on the clock.

No unpleasant surprises

These parameters are often an estimate you've made. What if something changes? Usually a new rental price is calculated for you. But with ALD Automotive, you don't have to wait in suspense to find out what it is. This is because our matrix offers a pricing overview for every combination of contract term and kilometres. Which means you can count on:

  • flexibility: need to shorten the duration of your contract? Or increase the number of kilometres? No problem!
  • transparency: know today what you'll pay tomorrow if you need to change your contract. We have information on nearly 1 000 different permutations of contract duration and kilometres. Don't bother trying to find this tool elsewhere!
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