Roadside assistance

You’ll be up and running in no time with our breakdown assistance

Bad news on the road? There’s also good news. Help is on the way. At least it is when ALD Automotive is your leasing company. Because you’ll be receiving lightning-fast service.

 02 706 41 41

Coming to your rescue in Belgium and abroad. You’ll find this number in your glove box. A tip: save this number in your mobile phone.

Are you and your vehicle stranded in Belgium?

We will come to rescue you and your passengers. We will also repair your vehicle on the spot. If we can’t, we will bring it to the garage and you will immediately be given a replacement vehicle.

Is your car refusing to work abroad

There’s no need to worry! Thanks to our worldwide network, you’re in good hands wherever you go. Simply call ALD Automotive and you’ll soon know exactly how we can help you.


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02 706 41 41