ALD Flex: Short Term Rental

ALD Flex – We adapt to your needs!

Rent a car or van for anything from one day to 24 months

Make the most of the ALD Flex and the flexibility of short- and medium-term lease services.

The short- and medium-term rental service from ALD is a simple, flexible and speedy formula that meets all your mobility needs:

  • You’re moving house or office and you need a vehicle to transport your belongings.
  • You’re going on a trip and need a car.
  • You would like to choose your own vehicle for a contract that will probably last no longer than one year.
  • Your company needs very specific utility vehicles.

 Call our sales department, tell us what you need and get a quote. We will give you the most competitive rates and whichever recent, fully-equipped vehicles best fit your needs.

Benefits of the ALD Flex leasing solution:

The fleet of short- and medium-term lease vehicles at ALD give you access to a wide and varied range that meets the needs of every sector.

  • An ‘all-in’ solution that combines all the services you need (insurance, maintenance, tyres, etc.).
  • Availability guaranteed within 48 hours.
  • Delivered to your door.
  • Greater discounts the longer you rent.
  • Extend your contract up to a maximum of 24 months (without any penalties).
  • Return you vehicles at any time, free of charge.

Rent a car or utility vehicle: a vast selection of vehicles and options

With over 2,000 vehicles available, you’ll have a wide variety of fully-equipped models to choose from. From compact cars to minivans, luxury models and a wide array of utility vehicles, we have just what you need. 

Ask our sales service for details on the types of equipment available. Rent a vehicle that meets your every expectation. 

Rent a utility vehicle equipped to meet your needs with ALD Flex Van 

ALD offers you a diverse, cutting-edge range of 150 utility vehicles. They include  small and large vans (3/6/9/12 m³), skiptrucks , flat beds, trucks with tailgates or 20 m³ of space for you to fill, and many other options. Make the most of the different kinds of equipment ALD Van Lease makes available to you with these vehicles.

How? Just contact our sales department and tell them what you want. Before you know it, you’ll have rented exactly what you need—without even having to search for it.

What you get with ALD Flex

ALD has developed an all-in-one solution that gives you more than vehicle rental. It includes comprehensive insurance (casualty and collision, or ‘CASCO’), maintenance and repairs, 24/7 assistance, a replacement vehicle of the same type if needed, tyres and summer/winter tyre changes, all the taxes, and upon request, on-site delivery and returns, a fuel card and more.

A large choice of rental cars and options

When your rent with ALD, you choose from the large selection of rental vehicle types and options that make up our fleet. With nearly 2,000 vehicles ranging from compact cars to luxury models, we have an incredibly diverse range.

Rent all types of cars

Whether you are looking for a town car, a minivan or a sedan, at ALD Flex, you’ll find the car that best suits you: the car in which you feel most comfortable. Ask our sales service for more information about the types of equipment we offer and rent a car that perfectly meets your expectations.

Rent a utility vehicle equipped to meet your needs

When you rent a utility vehicle at ALD Flex, make sure it has the equipment that will make the job easier. Let our sales service know exactly what you would like and you’ll soon be renting a vehicle that has exactly what you need.

Cover for any rental car damage

When you rent from ALD, you also receive peace of mind on the road. Our rental cars and vans are insured against all kinds of situations, keeping you covered in the event of an issue or accident.

Roadside assistance for your rental vehicle

In the event of an accident, you’re covered throughout the whole of Europe. Run into trouble on the road? One call and our Roadside Assistance team will find a solution, coordinating with various roadside assistance contacts to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

Delivery of your rental vehicle anywhere in Belgium

Busy? When you rent a vehicle from ALD, you don't have to worry about picking it up. It comes to you! We’ll deliver your vehicle to your workplace, anywhere in Belgium, or to ALD Flex at Asse. Don't hesitate to ask our sales department for more details.

Contact us to rent your vehicle today!

Reach out to our sales department. Just tell them what you need, and you’ll soon have a tailored price quote that meets your every need.



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