Follow a different track: car and train, tram, bus or metro

There’s no longer any need to make your employees choose between the train and the car. They can have the best of both worlds thanks to the handy Railease leasing formula.

How it works: use car and train, bus or metro

Sometimes the car is handiest, other times, public transport. With Railease, you combine both forms. Your driver chooses a leasing vehicle from our range – with all models from all makes. Besides this, he gets a bundle of validating tickets. He fills in the date and travels for a set price the same day, anywhere on the NMBS network and possibly that of De Lijn, MIVB and TEC.

The benefits for you: save costs, keep employees happy

For your business, the Railease formula is:

  • cost-saving : You get a cheaper lease contract because your drivers click up less mileage in the car.
  • fiscally beneficial : You fully recuperate VAT and claim 100% of your costs.
  • environmentally-friendly : You reduce emissions of CO2 and fine particles.

Your drivers are undoubtedly ready to jump aboard with Railease. Because they themselves then choose when they take the car or the train. That saves them a heap of stress and lost time. And if they do travel by train? They no longer need to submit their tickets for cost remuneration. Handy for them and your personnel department.

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