Optimise your fleet with MyALD

MyALD is the platform that simplifies the job of a Fleet Manager. All services and information related to contracts are centralised and can be managed in real time thanks to the various reports that you can generate.

Mastering MyALD means optimising your time and managing your fleet successfully.

Take part in our 30-minute online training sessions. In 7 sessions, you’ll gain complete mastery of MyALD.


  • April 26: MyALD in general
    • Overview of all the features
    • How to set up the platform for optimal use
  • May 12: Managing your fleet and using dashboards
  • May 24: Booking and managing short-term vehicles
  • June 9: Managing my drivers
  • June 23: How to view, download and schedule reports?
  • September 16: How to configure a vehicle?
  • September  29: How to manage my documents and invoices?

View the schedule for the sessions in Dutch or French here. 

What are the advantages of MyALD?

  • Receive automatic alerts for important events in your contracts
  • Make any analysis you want with a single reporting tool and take the necessary actions
  • Manage the data and contracts of all your drivers
  • Make a request – any time - for assistance, car rental, contract modifications, …
  • Keep an overview of your fleet, 24/7

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