Eco carwash

Get clean vehicles without wasting water

You want a fleet that’s clean and shiny. Make sure you have your vehicle washed by hand, without wasting litres of water. It’s easy, thanks to Sineo Car Cleaning.

How it works: cleaning with spray and a micro-fibre cloth

The technique used by Sineo Car Cleaning is so innovative that there is barely any water used. Your vehicles are first rubbed down with a biodegradable cleaning product and then polished with a micro-fibre cloth. Until every part of your bodywork shines. Of course, the inside of your vehicle gets a thorough clean too!

The benefits for you: good for the wallet and the environment

Sineo Car Cleaning is the sustainable solution for the cleaning of your vehicle. You can count on:

  • less water use: A Sineo wash requires just 5 litres of water. Traditional methods call for at least 150 litres!
  • less waste: The micro-fibre cloth will wash 300 vehicles before it needs replacing.
  • a small ecological footprint: Goodbye detergents, hello biodegradable products!

Relying on Sineo? Then you’ll be fulfilling your social responsibilities. Because the Sineo cleaning team is made up of members of disadvantaged groups. Under professional guidance, they give their best for your vehicles.

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