ALD VAN lease

Leasing a delivery van? Let us help you.

Your delivery van isn’t just a method of transport. It’s the core of your company!

Because the right delivery van:

  • is a made-to-measure solution for your company;
  • prefers to be on the move, not standing still;
  • ensures that you transport goods safely, following the letter of the law;
  • offers your employees an efficient and comfortable mobile workplace;
  • brings your employees to your clients safely and punctually;
  • gives your employees extra motivation;
  • builds on your company image;
  • and does much, much more!

In short, your delivery van keeps your organisation firing on all cylinders! So, make sure you choose the right one. Make the most of the advice from our experts; their knowledge, insight and experience are the products of leasing company vehicles day in, day out, since 1998. The VAN lease-team at ALD Automotive is happy to guide you through the entire process!

The right partner and the right delivery van

You need a tailored approach when you choose a delivery van. There’s more to it than just choosing a make or model, because you need a solution that makes it easy for you to pursue your business activities. Our VAN lease-team analyses your needs and looks for the ideal vehicle. We are happy to share our expertise with you and give you objective, no-nonsense advice. Our focus is on loyalty which is why we search for the most suitable option for every individual client. This is how we deliver extra value for your company.

One contact person

Your fixed contact person works alongside you and consults with our other departments whenever necessary. Would you like to adapt your vehicle to your activities, request a new setup or a conversion of a completely different nature? We will look for a specialised partner in our extensive network. And we will take over the full administrative and logistic process ourselves. Upon delivery, you’ll receive a delivery van that’s ready and raring to go, that’s perfectly adapted to you and your activity: fully equipped, technically in order and with any stickers and logos you require. Your vehicle will immediately be 100% ready to hit the roads!

Today and tomorrow

Choosing the right delivery vehicle is just the beginning. We don’t stop helping you when the contract starts; frequent contact with our VAN lease-team ensures careful follow-up of your fleet and, whenever necessary, a quick intervention. Because ALD Automotive wants to keep you on the road. Thanks to our virtual site solutions, you’ll have a treasure trove of data showing you how to further optimise your fleet.

We also polish the skills of your drivers with driver training courses suitable for delivery vans. This way, your new drivers will be familiar with the specific properties and characteristics of their vehicles. As well as the ideal vehicle, you’ll also have the ideal driver!

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