Teach your drivers to drive ecologically

Being ecologically responsible when you’re on the road calls for more than an environmentally-friendly vehicle. You need to have a green driving style. And this is something your drivers learn in the E-positive training programme. The company piggy bank will see the benefits too!

How it works: a one-year training course

A new driving style demands a radical change in mentality. This is why we train your drivers over the course of a full year. We start with what your drivers can do; this puts their current driving styles and their vehicle usage on the cards. After that, they follow an e-learning course and receive training – individually and in a group. The instructor gives them constant personalised tips and points they need to pay attention to. The result? At the end of the training, everyone drives with an e-positive attitude.

The benefits for you: cost-saving, green and safe

Okay, your drivers will soon be driving ecologically. But what does you company stand to gain? A lot, including:

  • savings of up to 15 percent: fuel use will drop noticeably.
  • a green image: your vehicle fleet will release less CO2.
  • fewer accidents: your drivers learn to drive more safely.
  • less absenteeism: your drivers will be more relaxed behind the wheel.

Investing in E-positive training rewards the effort several times over; after three to ten months, you’ll already have earned back your initial investment. And thanks to training cheques, the course is also fiscally attractive.

10 tips for ecologic driving

Is e-positive driving within reach? Absolutely! These ten tips will get you on your way:

  • Shift to a higher gear at an appropriate time. With a diesel engine, anywhere from 2,000 revs and with a petrol engine, 2,500 revs.
  • Time to get moving? Push your accelerator in fully, because speeding up slowly will certainly not save you any fuel.
  • Keep sufficient distance from the vehicle in front of you. Then you won’t need to constantly brake and accelerate.
  • Do you need to slow down or stop? Don’t go straight to the brake, but release the accelerator in good time. You’ll slow with engine-braking and without riding your clutch.
  • Turn cruise control on for consistency – and therefore environmental friendliness.
  • Will you be at a complete stop for more than 20 seconds? Then turn your engine off.
  • Plan your route in advance so that you don’t click up any unnecessary mileage.
  • You don’t need your roof box, bike- or baggage rack? Take it off and cut down your air resistance.
  • Regularly check your tyre pressure.
  • Get your vehicle serviced punctually: only then will you be able to drive economically and safely.
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