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Leasing an electric vehicle looks good on paper, but could it actually be practical in reality? It certainly is now: ALD Automotive has created a solution to overcome the biggest issues facing drivers of electric vehicles.

Until recently, one of the biggest issues for drivers intrigued by the possibility of leasing an electric vehicle, or plug-in hybrid, was charging the battery. Unlike employees with fuel cards, drivers of electric vehicles had to charge their vehicles at home. This, of course, meant they had to pay for the costs. 

The solution: the Wallbox

ALD Automotive has collaborated with energy producer Engie to optimise the ALD electric product in the creation of the wallbox. Using the wallbox, it’s now possible to charge a vehicle at home and be reimbursed for the related electricity costs every month. There are different varieties of the wallbox, tailored to the client and dependent on the desired charging speed, the battery capacity and the possibilities offered by the driver’s home. 

How does it work?

  • Before the installation of the Wallbox, an audit will be made at the driver's home to see which type of Wallbox is most suitable. 
  • Afterwards, the Wallbox is installed and the driver takes possession of the vehicle. Whenever it is charged using the wallbox, the details of the electricity use are measured and sent through to us.
  • After checking these details, the costs will be paid back to the driver.
  • These costs will be invoiced to the employer. 

The benefits for you: you have nothing to worry about

  • Transparency: Using the wallbox, there is no possibility of doubt, discussion or disagreement between the employer and driver about reimbursement for the costs of the electricity.
  • Practical: after a quick check of the driver’s home, the installation is performed by one of our partners. Furthermore, there is no need to make any changes with energy suppliers.
  • Comfort: We take care of everything from measuring the data to reimbursing the driver and invoicing the employer.

The mobile Wallbox

To simplify the way you charge your vehicle at home and elsewhere, and to register your electrical usage data, ALD has teamed with ENGIE to introduce the mobile Wallbox.

As with the fixed Wallbox, this mobile charging solution is equipped with technology for measuring your electricity use. It’s ready to go with no need for any extra installation work. The charging speed is not as high using this solution, so it is ideal for plug-in hybrid vehicles. Users and Fleet Managers can check the registered usage via an app or online. ALD reimburses the employee for costs using the same method as for the fixed Wallbox.

ALD electricplus & ALD switch

A different, tedious factor faced by drivers of electric vehicles is the limited autonomy. ALD switch offers the possibility of using a different type of vehicle for occasions when a driver needs to travel long distances. Hiring a different type of vehicle on these occasions is the perfect solution. Especially since the hire of a different vehicle is included in the monthly leasing budget.

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