Everything you need to know about vehicle tax

As a fleet manager, you like to know exactly what is happening in the field of vehicle tax. We collect it all for you in a handy guide: Vehicle Tax 2021. It includes all the latest changes, such as information on the Benefit in Kind and the CO2 contribution.

Would you like further information? Go to the site of the Federal Public Service for Finances for explanations about:


Are you building up a green fleet? Three cheers for:

  • your employer: An economical vehicle leads to a reduction in fuel costs. And that’s not all. Does your employer compensate the levy for employees? If so, your employer will want to keep it as low as possible. And that is far easier with a vehicle that has low CO2 emissions.
  • the driver: Did the employee choose an environmentally-friendly vehicle? Because the employee will then benefit from a reduction in the amount of tax that needs to be paid
  • our planet: Need we say more…?


You’re probably familiar with the following situations: a driver asks what his Benefit in Kind is; or you’re trying to find out how much employer contribution you need to pay… Give everyone a lightning-fast answer by using our handy calculation module!

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