Short Term Rental


Need a well-equipped vehicle for a short period? No problem! Just sign and you’ll be on your way. With our flexible formulas, we make sure that you’re never without a car.

From one day to 18 months

At ALD rent, you rent a car for anything from one day up to 18 months. Would you prefer to rent a compact Ford Focus or a luxurious BMW 4 Series? Thanks to our extensive selection, you’ll find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Insurance, maintenance and breakdown assistance all included.

‘ALD rent offers a range of benefits. You can rent a vehicle for as little as €18 per day. Insurance, maintenance and breakdown assistance are all included.’

Your car will be delivered. Once you have the keys, you’ll benefit once again with the high number of kilometres included with the rental—3,500km per month for delivery vehicles and up to 5,000km per month for a personal car. This way you’ll never have any nasty surprises.

What if you decide you would like to lease the car for longer? We will adapt your formula for free. It’s as simple as that!

Vehicles for short-term hire

Suppose an employee is waiting for their new long-term rental vehicle to arrive. Do you make them walk in the meantime? No. You offer them a new short-term hire car. They choose from a range of cars that are ready to go—with insurance, maintenance and breakdown assistance all included.

Replacement cars

Have you chosen a contract without a replacement vehicle? There’s no need to worry. At any time, you can lease a replacement car thanks to ALD rent.

Good to know

All our cars have four-season tyres. Your drivers can hit the road in complete safety at all times.

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