7 Wheel Lease

7 Wheel Lease. Does that mean … leasing 7 wheels? You bet!

Of course, you get the vehicles in their entirety: a regular car and a three-wheeled scooter. Allowing your drivers to always use the fastest form of transport to get them where they need to go.

How it works: combine two vehicle types

You let your driver choose a vehicle from all makes and models. Besides this, you offer them a Piaggio MP3 three-wheeled scooter. It’s perfect for cruising through busy city centres. Thanks to the two front-wheels, the scooter has incredible stability.

Would you prefer to lease just a scooter, without a car? You can do that too, of course!

The benefits for you: happy employee, happy employer

Thanks to 7 Wheel Lease, your driver can count on improved mobility with:

  • less stress
  • less lost time
  • fewer parking problems

Your company can be sure of a:

  • competitive leasing price
  • fiscally-attractive mobility plan
  • decrease in fuel use
  • smaller ecological footprint.

Is a three-wheeled scooter safe? Well and truly! The Piaggio MP3 has good grip on the road and brings your drivers to their destinations, problem-free. And if your drivers don’t have experience with scooters? Recommend our basic training. Perfect for their safety and your peace of mind.

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