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We know that as a fleet manager one of your top priorities is to devise a strong and innovative mobility plan.

ALD Automotive, the market leader in mobility solutions, would like to offer you a helping hand. We have innovative formulas that are eco-friendly, flexible and cost-effective to boot.

ALD electric
Choose from a wide range of electric cars. From 100% electric to hybrid plug-in, to hybrid with range extender technology.
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ALD switch
Give your driver the option to swap his or her vehicle for another. How about an MPV or a van? A convertible or an SUV? It's his choice: the car he needs, whenever he needs it!
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7 Wheel Lease
More wheels, more options. Four (a car) plus three (a scooter) equals flexibility. Give your driver the choice to change vehicles depending on the distance, the weather, and other considerations.
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The leasing option that includes a seat on the train (or tram or bus or metro). Sometimes the most convenient or efficient mobility option is to leave your vehicle parked. This flexible formula gives your driver the power to choose.
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ALD poolbike
6 top-quality men’s or women’s bikes coming with bags and a stylish bike stand. Thanks to ALD Poolbike, your employees can now go by bike on their professional excursions.
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ALD companybike
Choose ALD companybike and see your employees arrive to work on top form every morning. 8% of Belgians cycle to work. Join them!
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