Choose electronic invoicing

Are the invoices piling up in your office? And you can’t see the forest for the trees? Rescue is at hand! Enrol for the free ALDInvoice service. You’ll receive your leasing invoices in your digital mailbox.

How it works: invoices in your Inbox and on an online-platform

Thanks to ALDInvoice, you’ll be getting monthly invoices by e-mail. You can easily save the PDF files on your computer. But you won’t need to. Because you’ll also find all your invoices on our secure platform. And every copy will be automatically archived for 18 months.

Do these electronic invoices conform to Belgian legislation? Of course! For the VAT checks, they have as much value as their paper counterparts. And you’ll no longer have to search for them!

The benefits for you: organised and environmentally-friendly

Receiving and managing your invoices electronically is:

  • quick: The invoice drops into your Inbox on the same day as it is issued.
  • clear: Say goodbye to chaotic piles of paper. You’ll find all your invoices on the online platform.
  • ecologic: No paper use also means no more felling trees. The environment thanks you!

Are you considering it, but still have questions about the integration and the use of ALDInvoice? Our specialised team explains it all, down to the fine points.

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