Accidents and damages

Has your vehicle lost its lustre due to damage? Restore it to its former glory. Or better yet: have it restored by ALD Automotive. We will quickly fix all damage, from A to Z!

Don’t let things get worse. Is the condition of your vehicle keeping you awake at night? Make sure you contact ALD Automotive. Your vehicle will go to the garage for a thorough check-up; this will help you avoid any extra damage.

Thanks to the CrashStickers®, reporting an accident will be a walk in the park. Each sticker contains all the required information regarding your vehicle and insurance contract.

Is the opposing party known?

Within 48 hours, make sure to provide us with your:

  • European accident statement form, correctly filled in and signed by you and the opposing party. A tip: with your Crashstickers®, the job is as good as done.
  • E-mail address (for the further handling of your file)
  • Do you have a police statement or testimony from a witness? Make sure you inform us!

Send an e-mail to, or, if you prefer postal mail, our address is:
ALD Automotive
Kolonel Bourgstraat 120
1140 Brussels.

Once we have the details, we will take over everything. We will send you an e-mail in which you can read the next steps to be taken, as well as the address of a recognised body shop centre in your neighbourhood.

Is there no (known) opposing party?

Send an e-mail to complete with:

  • the date and circumstances surrounding the accident;
  • the driver’s details;
  • a description of the damage.

Do you need help with this e-mail? Look at the European accident statement form for inspiration.

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