Relief Car

Stay on the move with ALD Car Rental

Need to temporarily increase the number of cars in your fleet? ALD Car Rental is the solution. Our flexible formulas will see to it that your fleet is never a car too short.


For situations where you need to rent a fully equipped car for a short period of time, we've got you covered. With Minilease you can rent a car for a day or a year or any term in between. Insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance are all included. And should you decide to extend the lease, we'll adjust the formula at no extra cost.

Standby vehicles

Say an employee is waiting for his new long-term lease car to arrive – does he have to make do on foot until it arrives? Nonsense. We'll make sure he's got a temporary vehicle in the meantime. Choose from a range of cars that are in perfect condition and ready to roll – with insurance, maintenance and breakdown assistance as standard.

Replacement vehicles

Even if you didn't opt for a contract that includes the provision of a replacement car, we're not going to leave you up the creek. You can still lease a replacement vehicle through ALD Car Rental.

Good to know

All our vehicles come with all-season tyres. So your driver will be perfectly safe on the road, all year round.

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